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  • Resume Branding Made Easy
    Resume branding can be difficult for non-marketing types. Make it easy on yourself by focusing on a single corporate mission statement. Here's how.
  • Writing an Administrative Support Resume
    Writing an administrative support resume? Solid professional achievements will give it a competitive edge. Ask yourself these probing questions.
  • Competing Against Professional Resumes
    Professional resumes... you're going head-to-head with them in the job market. Level the playing field: know the Top 10 features of professional resumes.
  • The E-Resume Formats You Need
    E-resume formats. The 3 must-have formats for sending out an e-resume. Don't start your job search without these popular E-resume formats at the ready.
  • Finding Keywords for a Sales Resume
    Sales resume keywords... what employers are searching for to establish that a candidate has a suitable background. Here's help finding sales keywords.
  • Why You Need a PDF Format Resume
    A PDF resume has 3 distinct advantages as an email attachment. This former recruiter explains why you need a PDF format resume in your job search arsenal.
  • Should New Grads Use A Targeted Resume?
    Should new college graduates go to the trouble of using targeted resumes? Only the grads who want jobs, says a former recruiter. Here's why, and how.
  • Resume Tracking System For Job Seekers
    Resume tracking system... could you use one in your job search? Here's what resume tracking can do for you, and which resume builders offer a resume tracker.
  • 5 Steps To Writing A Targeted Resume
    Targeted resumes... a little more work, but a necessity in today's tough job market. This former recruiter offers 5 steps to writing a targeted resume ... including advice on a core resume and a targeted cover letter.