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(Note: for those who don't yet have a resume that's ready for distribution, see Review of Resume Writers.)

It goes without saying that you're going to forward your resume to appropriate job opportunities -- when you find them. But what about those jobs that are never posted? As you may know, a large percentage of job openings are filled quietly, without benefit of advertising. Such opportunities are made known to in-house or outside recruiters and headhunters, and these individuals use their networks and resources to identify prospective candidates.

In a competitive job market, it makes sense to consider putting yourself in those networks and among those resources. A good resume distribution service can help. But which ones are good? Glad you asked...

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post to 86 job sites

Oldest and largest online resume posting service, with 100,000 happy customers. 5 million submissions since 1999. Post to 86 job sites. Posting report, identity protection, centralized log in... [read_REVIEW]
ResumeZapper.com Website

1000 + recruiters

Resume distribution to U.S. search firms (recruiters). Your resume is sent straight to the email inboxes of 1000's of recruiters. Industry & geographic targeting. Confidential reply boxes... [read_REVIEW]
EmailMyResume.com Website

recruiters & employers
Both recruiters and employers are set up to receive your resume. Industry and geographic targeting, confidential delivery, and get a list of the firms who were sent your resume... [read_REVIEW]
Employment911.com Website

 $49.95 or $59.95
recruiters -- job sites

Post your resume on up to 80 top job sites, or... email blast your resume to 1000's of employers and recruiters. Geographic targeting. Money-back guarantee of response from blasting... [read_REVIEW]

... because we've been all over the Web comparing services and putting companies through their paces. Before we go any further, keep in mind that hiring a resume distribution service to post your resume to career sites, or hiring a resume distribution service to get your resume to recruiters should not take the place of your personal efforts to identify--and apply to--relevant job opportunities.

Resume Distribution Services - Reputation MattersResume Distribution Services - Reputation

There's a whole lot of snake oil out there. It doesn't take much for a company to call itself a resume distributor -- pretty much just a website. And as you might expect, there's a lot of such companies eager to take your money. But that doesn't mean you're getting your money's worth. Resume distribution is not rocket science, but to do it right requires attention to detail and a commitment to customer service. Through referrals and recommendations, the better companies will rise to the top over time. We look for resume distribution firms with good reputations that have been tried and tested for a number of years. So should you.

Resume Distribution Services - Transparency

A reputable resume posting service will show you -- up front --the list of career sites to which your resume will be posted. Resume Rabbit, for example, clearly identifies on their website every online job bank that they target, and then lets you choose where you want your resume to go. A reputable resume distribution service should provide you -- free or for a small fee -- with a list of recruitment firms to which your resume was distributed. Email My Resume, for example, makes such a list available automatically at the completion of every job, and at no additional charge.

Resume Distribution Services - Customer Control of Targeting

Resume Distribution Services - Customer ControlTo some extent, resume posting and resume distribution is a numbers game. The more eyeballs that land on your resume, the better your chances of a connection happening. Those are long odds, but they can be shortened as you narrow your focus and more accurately target those eyeballs. Therefore, it's important to pick a distribution service that gives you the opportunity to select categories, disciplines and geographic areas that will improve your odds of making a match.

For example, among their long list of online job banks, Resume Rabbit lets you decide where you want your resume to go -- pick from 'general' job listing websites or 'specialty' jobs sites like technology, accounting or sales & marketing. Both Resume Zapper and Email My Resume give their clients their choice of 3 industry/discipline selections and 3 geographic preferences.

Remember, whether posting your resume to online job sites or sending your resume to search firms, the more narrowly you can target your audience, the better your odds of generating interest.

Resume Distribution Services - We Rate 'em

Look over our reviews. Consider our ratings and how we got to those ratings. And finally, choose a resume distribution service that feels comfortable, and get on with the task at hand--getting your resume out there.

- David Alan Carter

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