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by David Alan Carter

For job seekers on a budget, this company seems to offer a compelling value: $109.95, and the same low price regardless of experience level. To sweeten the deal even further, interviews are guaranteed within 30 days or they will re-write your resume at no additional charge.

So why the AVOID rating? For starters, poor quality of workmanship. That's the down side of many budget resumes, and it's certainly the case with this company. That is, assuming the resume samples posted on their website are any indication. Those samples are OK, but not nearly as good as they should be. As they need to be.

There are other troubles with the company, as well.



Entry Level / Mid Level / Executive
$109.95 plus surcharges


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 AVOID 1-on-1-Resumes.com


The Writing Process:

On the home page, you'll see a link marked "Click Here To Have Us Write Your Resume!" Click it, and follow the subsequent instructions. You'll be asked to forward an existing resume (if you have one), and fill out their online form. Add any additional services to your order, like cover letters, follow-up letters, etc.

Don't expect a telephone interview with your assigned writer. At these prices, that's not in the cards. But you are given a means to communicate directly with your writer, should the need arise.

You'll see your finished resume in 2-3 business days via email in Microsoft Word format. Contact your writer if you need to make any changes or corrections.

You've got 30 days to line up at least one job interview, or the company will re-write your resume at no charge.

Here's What We Liked:

Pricing is easy on the wallet.
Hard copies are available.

Here's What We Didn't Like:

No indication the writers are certified, as in Certified Professional Resume Writer. While certification alone is no assurance of writing quality, it does imply a certain base level of resume knowledge and marketing savvy.
Resume samples posted on the company website do not impress us.
Customer service? What customer service? We've been waiting weeks for a response to simple queries by email and telephone. Heaven help those who have money on the table.

Finally, the Better Business Bureau. Having long ago given the company an "A" rating, they dropped that to a "C-" and then to an "F" with a growing list of customer complaints. Worse still, they revoked the BBB accreditation from the company for failure to comply with agreed BBB standards (evidently something to do with use of the BBB logo without permission). Update: They're currently an C as of June, 2016. Complaints un-addressed, and advertising issues, remain the problem.

-- BBB Business Report on the parent company, Azoos.

1-on-1-Resumes.com - Review Summary:

For those on a tight budget, it might appear you can get a professional resume for less than ninety bucks. We're not buying it. The writing quality here is not up to par. And it's never a good sign when the BBB has revoked a company's accreditation, which it has in this case. Plus, those customer complaints are troubling.

We think the bad news trumps the good, thus our AVOID recommendation.

As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion. If you want to do your own due diligence and you'd like to explore this company further...

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