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Sophisticated distribution software sends your resume to 1000's of recruiters and employers. With industry targeting, confidential delivery and a free listing of the firms receiving your resume, doing business with this company is an easy decision.

How It Works:

Sign up with a major credit card. The cost is $49.99 for the basic service. Fill out a secure, online form and follow the instructions to download your resume and cover letter. You'll be given the option to select confidential delivery if you'd like to keep your job search private. Or if you'd prefer, use the "Company Opt-Visit... EmailMyResume.comOut" feature to identify those companies you'd like to exclude from receiving a resume--like your current employer.

For the base price, you'll receive distribution to recruiters and employers in three industries and three regions of your choosing. Industries range from Accounting & Financial (959 listed employers) to Wholesale (113 listed employers) and everything in between. Regions are worldwide. By the way, you can add additional industries and/or regions for $5.00 per selection.

After your resume is distributed to the select recruiters and employers, you will automatically receive a listing of the firms--by name--that received your resume. If there is interest or a placement fit, the recruiter or employer gets in touch directly with you.

Here's What We Liked:
  • Both recruiters and employers are targeted. Company currently has 3,495 recruiters and 724 employers signed up to receive client resumes.
  • Industry targeting: company has compiled a good number of industries/disciplines represented by member recruiters and employers. And they show you those disciplines up front on their web site.
  • Big geography: you pick the states, countries, regions, and provinces where you'd like your resume directed.
  • Keep your job search private by selecting confidential delivery or the "Company Opt-Out" feature. No extra charge.
  • Excellent customer service, including via phone--something that's increasingly rare these days.
  • Your resume goes straight to email in-boxes.

Resume Zapper - Review Summary:

In summary, if top U.S. recruiters and only recruiters are your target, we would have to give the nod to Resume Zapper as the slightly superior service. This, because the Zapper has the edge on the sheer number of recruiters (at last count 9,501), and the breadth of industries represented by those recruiters.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for one company to distribute your resume to a good number of recruiters and top employers, and value the opportunity to speak to an actual human being, then the advantage shifts toward EmailMyResume.com.

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