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by David Alan Carter

Monster--a familiar name in the employment field, to be sure. But how are they at writing resumes? I you had asked me a year ago, I would have said quite good. They were prompt, they were professional. Most importantly, their resumes were quite well written; a reflection of partnering with the online division of Career Services Group, Inc. (the company that pioneered online career services in 1996).

But all that has changed. In January 2015, Career Services Group was acquired by Talent, Inc. This latter company has a spotty record with the Better Business Bureau. So at the moment, I'm in a wait-and-see mode. More, below.


Entry Level / Mid Level / Executive
$129.00     $189.00     $349.00


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The Writing Process:

Navigate to Résumé Writing from Monster and pick the category that best fits your situation.

  • Professional Growth (for entry-level)
  • Career Evolution (those with prior experience)
  • Executive Priority (those with management experience)

Note: the first is a stand-alone resume. The other two are packages that include a cover letter, etc.

Place your order, upload an existing resume (if you have one), and complete their questionnaire.

You'll then be assigned a writer who most closely matches the expertise needed for your profession.

You'll get a draft in 4-7 business days. Request any necessary changes or corrections, and receive your finalized resume in Microsoft Word.

Here's What We Liked:

Hundreds of professional writers with backgrounds in over 65 industries. Odds are, you'll be able to tap a writer with experience in your expertise.

Sample resume look good. The example resumes on their website are well crafted and employ contemporary style and layouts.

Interview guaranteed. They guarantee you'll get interviews within 60 days, or they will re-write your resume at no additional charge.

Rush option available.

Here's What We Didn't Like:

If a telephone interview is important to you (and it's important to us), you're out of luck.
There is no indication that the writers are industry certified. Assume they are not. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a bias toward certification -- especially at these prices.
The company's resume writing service is contracted out to an outfit named Talent, Inc. They are the ones actually doing the writing. And sadly, complaints on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site are growing. Most customer complaints fall under the heading "Problems with Product/Service" and "Delivery Issues." Read the BBB Report HERE.

Monster.com Resume Writing - Review Summary:

The resume writing and presentation quality of the samples presented by Monster is undeniable. Pricing is reasonable, and the interview guarantee is in keeping with the competition. However, we're concerned with the number of customer complaints as posted on the BBB and other 3rd-party complaint sites. Until those numbers begins to trend down and not up, we cannot offer a recommendation. Those interested should do their own due diligence.

As a sidebar, signing up for a free Monster account not only affords access to their many additional services, but allows you to search their massive database of available jobs. This is something you're going to want to do--sooner or later. Make it sooner.

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