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100,000 pretty much says it all. That's the number of happy customers this company has helped find a job since 1999. They are the oldest and largest online resume posting service, having performed over 5 million resume submissions to all the online job banks and job search engines.

How It Works: 

Sign up for the service and pay the one-time fee (currently $59.95). Complete one short form and the Visit... Resume Rabbit.comcompany goes to work...  completing registration forms and posting your resume and job requirements on up to 85 different career sites. The exact number will depend upon the categories you select.

Within an hour of sign-up, postings will begin. 72 hours later, most jobs are finished. You can track the progress of the postings on a Real-Time Posting Report accessed via your secure, password-protected Resume Promotion Service Center. Having viewed your resume and related information on any given career site, individual employers and recruiters will contact you directly if interested.

Here's What We Liked:
  • Tremendous time saver. That's the crux of it: the company saves the job seeker literally days of toiling over the computer; researching and identifying the multitude of relevant career sites, then filling out registration forms and downloading or mailing resumes one at a time.
  • They'll show you a list of both general and specialty job site right up front on their website--before you pay a dime.
  • These are serious job sites. Among the 85 sites in their directory are the likes of Monster.com, HotJobs, Career Builder, Dice and more.
  • You decide whether to have your information submitted to a wide range of job sites, or take a more targeted, selective approach. 
  • Your current boss doesn't have to find out you're looking for better job. Simply select "Post My Resume Confidentially" during the registration process.
  • Included in the price... a user-friendly resume builder, should you need one.
  • They've got a good reputation.
Resume Rabbit - Review Summary:

To sum it up, time really is money. If you're between jobs, you know the clock is ticking and time is of the essence in landing interviews that will lead to offers. Resume Rabbit saves you a goodly amount of that precious time. If you're still employed, ask yourself where you're going to find the time to slog the estimated 60+ hours to get your resume 'out there' in these kind of numbers. Now, $59.95 is not chump change. I know that. And yes each of us could slog those 60 hours ourselves and get the job done. But then, that puts our value at $1.00 an hour.

If your time is worth more than that, consider this service a relatively small investment in a potentially brighter future.  

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