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by David Alan Carter
The largest network of independently contracted, certified resume writing professionals on the Net, ResumeWriters.com claims unparalleled resources to best match you with a writer most qualified in your profession. To back it all up, they guarantee you'll land interviews within 60 days, or they'll provide a new, re-written resume at no charge.

The best part of that guarantee--you can choose to work with your old writer, or request a new writer for a totally fresh take on your resume.

Note: they're not forced to double-down on their work very often. In the 6 years that they've offered the guarantee, they've only had 21 requests for a re-write. Given their tremendous volume of customers (tens of 1000's of completed orders), that works out to an enviable 99.99% customer satisfaction rate.


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The Writing Process:

Select the career level that best describes you (professional, executive, student, IT, military). Pay online for the service and submit your current resume and related information via their secure website.

You're assigned a writer who best fits your profession or discipline. For example, if you're an engineer, they'll try to pair you with a writer with an engineering background.

Your assigned writer contacts you and consults directly with you; gathering any additional information and planning the resume project.

You'll receive a first draft within 72 hours as an email file attachment in Microsoft Word.

Work with your writer on revisions until you have a final draft you're happy with.

Here's What We Liked:

Certified writers representing a universe of professions. Certification is important to us. And, their writers specialize in more than 5 dozen career fields and industries. No matter what your experience, no matter what job you're hoping to land, they can match you with a writer who's on top of that discipline.
Sample resumes on the website are quite professional. Especially like the variety and uniqueness in design and layout--while all maintaining a quality of workmanship that we value.
Pricing is upfront. And reasonable, given the quality of workmanship.

24-hour rush available for an additional charge.

Guaranteed interviews--in 60 days, or get a free re-write.

They've been given an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

ResumeWriters.com - Review Summary:

In business since 1998, ResumeWriters.com comes by their longevity for one reason--satisfied customers. And it's easy to see why. They offer unique styles in resume design/layout, you work one-on-one with your wrier, that writer is certified, and the workmanship on the end product is obvious. Pricing is reasonable, given the quality. And the guarantee of interviews is icing on the cake.

ResumeWriters.com receives our highest rating (5 stars).

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