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$18.95 per year

 From the website: "No complicated software to learn or install - simply enter in your information, and in seconds, you'll have a perfect resume to find that perfect job!" 

Two words: not impressed. Yes, it's a clean and simple service that is user friendly and delivers relatively professional results in just minutes. But the service lacks some key features and suffers at times from obstinate technology.

How It Works:

Set up a free, password-protected account then work up your resume. The site offers a self-guided resume wizard that walks you through the process of creating a resume (they advertise you can do this in 10 minutes, Visit... The Resume Builder.comassuming you've got all your info in front of you). The wizard asks the questions, you fill in the blanks. With the click of a mouse, chose from 6 different templates in designing the look of your resume. The web site's home page includes a section of action words to help you get the most mileage out of your work experience and accomplishments.

You've then got 14 days to decide if you like your resume and want to use it. If the answer is yes, pay the $18.95 and buy a membership for a year. This entitles you to unlimited access to your resume, including hosting of your resume on the Web.

Here's What We Liked:
  • Try before your buy. This is always a plus in our book.
  • Ease of use. Navigation was straightforward and intuitive. Easy to modify sections, add material, or delete mistakes.
  • Multiple templates from which to chose.  
  • A sample resume is available to view.
Here's What We Didn't Like:
  • Only 6 templates. Would like to have seen more templates from which to chose. Still, you'd be surprised how many sites there are out there charging more--and offering zero choice in template.
  • Only one sample resume. Would like to have seen more than one sample resume available for viewing. We understand that nobody wants to give away their secrets, but jeeze, throw us another bone.
  • The Builder froze up twice--each time we had to log back in and pick up where we had left off. Luckily, the information up 'till then had been saved.
  • Bullet points were confusing to construct. Doable, but confusing.
  • No provision for an objective. This was a BIG disappointment!
  • Slow, slow, slow spell checker.

In summary, The Resume Builder is a clean, easy-to-use site that gets the job done at minimal cost--if the job is the creation of a minimal resume. The client needs to bring considerable work to the table in the form of a ready-to-go profile and ready-to-go job descriptions and accomplishments, as this is primarily a site to help with organizing your information, putting it in the proper place, and offering a select number of good templates. This is also a site ONLY for those who wish not to use an objective on the resume, as there is no provision made for a statement of objective.

Before you make a decision to go with this company, I'd be remiss if I didn't advise you to first read our Review of Pongo Resume and Review of Easy Job, the resume builders that ranked first and second place in our lineup. Both offer what I believe to be far superior features and services, at most reasonable prices. Still, if you just need a bit of help with organizing and formatting, consider this service. You can try before you buy, so there is zero risk.

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