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Want a job with the federal government? You, and a lot of other people. It's not unusual to see federal job openings attract hundreds if not thousands of applicants. Don't let that frighten you. Many of those applications will be screened out because procedures aren't followed.

Yes, job seekers send in resumes. But a federal job opening requires a resume... with a federal twist. Federal agencies require more information up-front that do most employers. It can be detailish and exacting work, which is why many resume providers prefer not to carve out a niche for federal applicants. Of the 10 most popular resume services that we highlight on our home page, here are the ones that offer special packages or dedicated resources especially for clients seeking federal jobs. Along with our ratings, of course...

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Currently none of our listed companies offer resume writing services specifically for federal job applications. Will update as such services become available.


A resume that caters to federal positions includes all the information that is typically found in a standard resume, with some significant additions. Contact information is expanded. Work experience requires more detailed and specific information. Acronyms and other abbreviations should be spelled out, etc. The end result is a document that extends another 1-2 pages beyond the standard resume.

In addition to a resume, the federal agency in question may ask you to write a number of KSA statements (KSA stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities). These statements show how you meet specific job requirements. For example, a job posting for a management analyst might ask you to describe your communication skills. A job posting for an accounting technician might ask you to submit a KSA about your mathematics ability or knowledge of accounting protocols.

Federal Resume Writing Services - Gathering Data for a KSA
KSA statements are typically one-half page to one page in length. Readers considering a professional resume writing service might want to give additional consideration to those firms that will craft KSAs in addition to federal resumes, albeit at extra cost.

We've tried to provide a bit of help in identifying a resume service that can translate your unique qualifications into a marketing document that opens doors. We wish you well in your job search.

- David Alan Carter

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