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IT, computer and networking professionals are in demand, even in this tough economy. But that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing in a job search. Many firms are looking to cut costs by outsourcing, leaving IT professionals in a competitive scramble for domestic jobs.

The design and content of your IT resume has never been more important, or more challenging. A good writer must understand the industry, jargon and keywords, and have the ability to draw out relevant technical qualifications from a client. This is not easy stuff, and not all resume services can do justice to someone with a highly technical background. Of the 10 services that we highlight on our home page, here are the ones that offer special packages or dedicated resources especially for IT, computer and networking professionals...

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Information Technology
Over 60% of client base is IT job seekers.
Exceptional writing from a team of HR execs.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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IT and Technical
IT resumes make up 40% of daily orders.
Largest network of resume writers on the Net.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Resume Corner.com
All Experience Levels
Each writer holds at least a master's degree.
Interviews are guaranteed within 30 days.
Free resume critique.

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Why does it matter that a resume service offer dedicated resources to an IT job seeker? It's simply a sign that the company acknowledges that IT resumes come with a unique set of challenges and requirements, and takes seriously the detailed and technical nature of such resumes. A good information technology resume demands additional design elements over and above the typical professional, as well as careful organization and a strong focus on results.

IT Resume Writer - Insist On A Telephone Interview
All of that leads to a definite must: a personalized, one-on-one telephone interview. A writer skilled in the industry will still need to have a conversation with you to draw out your technical strengths and project/team management skills, and craft a document that will focus on those qualifications and transition to what you're capable of achieving going forward. So make sure the writer you choose conducts in-depth telephone interviews as part of his or her standard procedures.

We've tried to provide a bit of help in identifying a resume service that can translate your unique qualifications into a marketing document that opens doors. We wish you well in your job search.

- David Alan Carter

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