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by David Alan Carter

Update: This company's website has been disabled as of October 2016 and the company appears to no longer be in business. As such, we have removed from this site all active links to the company. Our previous review as follows...


The Los Angeles Times ranked this company "Best of the Bunch" among its internet competitors. Really? Not by our measurement, which takes into account the element of "customer service." Jump to "What We Didn't Like.

On the positive side, they've got a team approach to writing and exclusive partnerships with the likes of the American Management Association, CareerBuilder.com, Military.com, and colleges throughout the nation.

Still, we think a company eager to take your hard-earned money should be just as eager to respond to email inquiries regarding that money. Call us crazy.


Entry Level / Mid Level / Executive
$119.00     $155.00     $245.00

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The Writing Process:

Place your order on their web site and include a synopsis of your work history, or attach a copy of your current resume.

You'll be assigned a contact person who will conduct a telephone interview--gathering more background info, identifying your strengths and exploring the best marketing approach for your qualifications.

A team of writers goes to work. You'll receive a draft of the resume for your approval--suggest any changes until you're happy with the end product.

You'll receive your final resume via email, as well as 20 hard copies on cotton bond paper.

Here's What We Liked:

Resume via email and hardcopy is a nice touch. Not everyone has access to quality paper and a printer. Company provides 20 copies on cotton bond resume paper via Priority Mail.

Pricing is fair and up-front.

Here's What We Didn't Like:

Three email inquiries we've sent the company, over a period of two months and employing three different email addresses, have each been summarily ignored. One was automatically bounced back to us with the notation, "likely spam."


We're not the only ones having trouble communicating with this company. The Better Business Bureau has been trying to get a response from them regarding customer complaints... for three years. They have issued a "D-" rating for the company.

e-resume.net - Review Summary:

In summary, we get it that the LA Times smiled favorably on this company (least you forget, the company likes to highlight that fact on every piece of marketing). Presumably, the Times got through the spam filter, or simply never tried to get an email response from the company. While the team approach is nice and the quality of resumes is OK, customer service --or lack thereof -- is a giant goose egg.

We cannot recommend the company. As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion. For those who wish to research on their own...  

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