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The executive today faces a radically different marketplace landscape than just a few years back. And the executive in a career transition faces a unique set of challenges. The old resume that suited the professional must now become the centerpiece of a bold, personal marketing campaign.

Taking career progression and accomplishments and translating that into a value-branded document that defines you as a leader in your industry is asking a lot of your writer. And not all resume writing services have that kind of talent at their disposal. Of the 10 most popular resume services that we highlight on our home page, here are four that we feel comfortable recommending to top management--from senior managers to directors, consultants to partners, business owners to C-level executives...

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Professional Resume Services

Executive Package
Award-winning writers; "Best of the Best."
Company owner is contributor to 12 books.
It's guaranteed you'll get the interview.

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Executive Resume
Matched with one of their most senior writers.
Linkedin profile development is available.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Executive Resume
Assigned to their most experienced writers.
99.98% client satisfaction rate.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Resume Corner.com

All Experience Levels
Each writer holds at least a master's degree.
Interviews are guaranteed within 30 days.
Free resume critique.

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As an executive in the throes of a job search, it's no longer just about a resume. In today's highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace, there's value branding. There's your online profile and social media management. There are strategy sessions with your writer toward the development of a comprehensive personal marketing campaign.

These are challenges that dictate only the most senior and experienced professional resume writers need apply. Your professional future may very well hinge on the qualifications of the person you tap to capture you on paper. As a senior-level executive, you already know that quality carries a price. Go into this job search demanding of that quality, and accepting of the price it may carry.

The Best Resume Services for Executives? Think, In-Depth Phone Consultation.
Expect a seasoned resume writer to invest considerably more time on your executive project that would be typical at the mid-professional level. An in-depth phone consultation should be a given. In fact, each of the companies we review on this page provide such one-on-one service at the executive level.

Finally, in your evaluation of prospective writers, you might want to give extra points to those companies that offer assistance with online media profile development (i.e. Linkedin). Showcasing your value outside the traditional resume format is rapidly becoming a necessity.

We've tried to provide a bit of help in identifying a resume service that can translate your unique qualifications into a marketing document that opens doors. We wish you well in your job search.

- David Alan Carter

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