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New graduates and other entry-level job seekers have got to come out swinging in this post-recession job market. Although money might be tight, now is not the time to cut corners on something as critical as your marketing pitch to prospective employers.

Most resume writing services are eager for business from students, recent graduates and entry-level job seekers. But not all such services can do justice to someone just entering the job market. Of the 10 most popular resume services that we highlight on our home page, here are the ones that offer special packages and/or pricing especially for new grads and entry-level job seekers. Along with our ratings of those services...

Company... Rating........ Pricing... Key Points...

New Grad and Entry Level
Largest network of resume writers on the Net.
99.98% client satisfaction rate.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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New Grad and Entry Level
Exceptional writing from a team of HR execs.
Linkedin profile development is available.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Resume Corner.com

All Experience Levels
Each writer holds at least a master's degree.
Interviews are guaranteed within 30 days.
Free resume critique.

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New Grad and Entry Level
One of the more familiar names in job search.
The BBB rates this company a D-.
Customer complaints are rising.

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All Resumes
Writers have industry certification.
  Fine print contradicts "free" revisions.

The BBB notes a "pattern of complaints."

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New Grad and Entry Level
Satisfaction, and interviews, are guaranteed.
  No assurance of certified writers; it shows.

The BBB rates this company an "F."

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New Grad and Entry Level
They'll keep working "until you're happy."
  We sent 3 emails; never got a response.

The BBB rates this company a "D-."

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... How much is a good resume likely to cost the new grad? It varies considerably depending upon the company, but usually less than the cost to prepare a resume for a more seasoned pro with years of work experience. Part of that is competitive pressure; most colleges and universities have placement offices with staff who will assist in resume preparation for graduating seniors, though usually the end result is a bit bare bones. And part of it is the fact that most recent grads haven't accumulated a work history that takes up a writer's time organizing and promoting.

A Resume Service for New Grads - The Telephone Interview

That's not to suggest there is little work involved with a recent grad's resume. Quite the contrary. It's been our experience that the shorter the paper trail of employment experience, the deeper the writer has to dig for information that can be spun into qualifications for a job.

That's why a one-on-one telephone interview with your writer is so important -- especially at this entry-level stage. A good writer can draw out your strengths, and craft a document that will focus on those strengths and transition to what you're capable of achieving going forward.

We've tried to provide a bit of help in identifying a resume service that can translate your unique qualifications into a marketing document that opens doors. We wish you well in your job search.

- David Alan Carter

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