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The military professional faces a unique set of challenges when it comes time to transition into civilian life. Among them, describing his or her military work on a resume in a way that engages civilian hiring officials and speaks to private sector job openings.

Taking very specific military skill sets and translating them into civilian-speak is a talent unto itself. And not all resume writing services have access to the writing talent and well of experience necessary to do justice to military professionals in their transition to civilian employment. Of the 10 most popular resume services that we highlight on our home page, here are the ones that offer special packages and/or dedicated resources especially for clients seeking a military to civilian transition resume. Along with our ratings, of course...

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Military Transition Resume
Company President's husband in the USAF.
Exceptional writing from a team of HR execs.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Military Transition Resume
Specialists who have military backgrounds.
99.98% client satisfaction rate.
Interviews are guaranteed within 60 days.

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Military Transition Resume
Satisfaction, and interviews, are guaranteed.
  No assurance of certified writers; it shows.

The BBB rates this company an "F."

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Military experience is an asset, and should be treated with confidence and pride. Life in the armed forces hones skills such as loyalty, teamwork, leadership, and a focus on objectives - all positive attributes that are in demand in civilian work settings. The trouble is, it's sometimes hard to translate those positive attributes into a language that civilian employers can understand and apply to current job openings.

Specialists in military transition resumes address those difficulties head-on. They work to define your goals and craft a resume that demilitarizes your job titles, duties and accomplishments to appeal to a non-military audience, identifying and highlighting those details that underpin your qualifications and bridge your value onto the civilian marketplace.

Military Transition Resumes - Gathering Information on a Telephone Interview
It's not always easy; a military transition resume writer needs a good amount of writing skill, time on the telephone to get to know their client, and (ideally)  a military background. The good news is that there are writers out there with just such qualifications.

We've tried to provide a bit of help in identifying a resume service that can translate your unique qualifications into a marketing document that opens doors. We wish you well in your job search.

- David Alan Carter

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